Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentines mani update!

My last manicure started to chip :( so even though I loved it, I had to rejuvenate it. I also wanted to try out my striping tape. I removed the hearts from my ring fingers and painted them fame fatal red by essence. Then I put 3 strips of striping tape along the base of the other 4 fingers and 5 strips vertically on the ring fingers. Then I painted the four fingers with fame fatal over the avon viva pink pink/orly quo paint the town red sparkle originally on the nails. I painted Avon viva pink on the ring fingers. After pulling off the striping tape and topped with seche vite. Photos below are of the previous manicure and new photos taken in natural light when it's cloudy out.

Previous Manicure

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Valentines Manicure Mega Post

Hi again.  Today I have a mega post for you.  This post will quickly touch on two Valentines manicures and go more in depth onto the third, which is my current manicure. 

The first manicure is one I did for my friend while watching movies the other night.  Keep in mind, this was done in the dark.  My friend is more of a vampy kind of Valentines person, rather than a cutesy girly pink person.  I gave her my swatch bin, and she picked out Center stage by Jessies Girl as a base.  Its a dark blood red colored almost jelly finish.  This was the first time I'd used this polish and the formula was less than ideal.  It was very thin and streaky, yet didn't come out of the bottle too well either.  So not a lot made it onto the nail and it dragged into thin yet chunky streaks.  it took three attempts at thicker coats to get the full opacity without streaks.  Thankfully, she had decided on a reverse feature nail.  She decided on one coat on each nail except the ring fingers of Quo by Orly Paint the town red, with the ring finger left sparkle less.  She loves the manicure and it totally suits her in every way.

The second manicure is one I did for myself that night.  I started off with Viva Pink by Avon.  Its a darker bubblegum pink cream polish.  The formula on this is fantastic.  Its just the right consistency and almost completely opaque in one coat.  I used two coats on my nails.  Then i took Step to the Beat of my Heart by Nicole by OPI, from the Justin Bieber collection, and brushed thick coats onto my ring fingers, trying to get a bunch of hearts.  Due to trying to place the hearts in the thick clear jelly base (with aqua irridescent glitter) it made that nail thick and slow drying.  Even after the top coat it was less than ideal.  It was bumpy and wasnt really the look I was looking for.

So for my manicure that i'm sporting now, and LOVE, i used the same base Avon Viva Pink.  I took off the ring fingers on the last manicure and repainted them, and added a third coat to the rest of the nails to refresh them.  I decided to give my original idea another shot, and try to get it to match my vision.  After my viva pink nails had dried, i poured out some of the Step to the beat of my heart onto a piece of plastic wrap and used a dotting tool to pick up and place the hearts.  I placed them in rows entirely covering my ring fingers and topped the whole thing with a coat of seche vite.  I topped the ring fingers with 2 coats of top coat to make it flat.  For the rest of the nails I sponged on a little Quo by Orly Paint the town Red from the base of the nail upwards towards the tips, and topped with one coat of Seche Vite.  I am loving this manicure and I think I'll try to keep it until we go away for Valentines day on Thursday.  The photos for this were taken in the sun! Yay, the first sun we've had in awhile, so I was super excited to get some I could photograph the nails in. 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My First Jelly Sandwich Manicure

I decided today to do a jelly sandwich manicure.  I'd never tried this before, and I dont have a lot of jelly polishes, but I thought I'd give it a shot and I really love it.  Although with any glitter in play, the little glittery bits on the skin are annoying to get off, so I opt to let them come off naturally with hand washing.  Okay, so I watched a youtube video by PackAPunchPolish on this technique before I started.  I then picked my jelly polish.  I chose OPI Mod-Ern Girl.  I started with one coat of basecoat and then one coat of Mod-ern Girl.  At this point it was almost totally sheer.  Then she had said you need a glitter polish with large pieces, so I grabbed my new Quo by Orly polish I picked up the other day, Paint the Town Red.  Since Mod-ern Girl is a orange leaning coral, I thought the red would go pretty great with it, and I was right.  After one coat of the glitter, I put another coat of Mod-ern girl.  The look still wasn't entirely what I was looking for though, not enough glitter, and not jelly enough looking for my tastes.  So i put another layer of glitter, and another coat of Mod-ern Girl.  I topped it with Seche Vite.  I am so far LOVING this look, although with all those coats, the polish is quite thick and I don't know how long it will last before it starts to chip or peel off.  I will definitly try this technique with other colors and glitters in the future. 

Some fooling around with valentines nails

I had a few quick minutes to kill so I tried this out. Base is Sally Hansen salon manicure bittersweet with essence fame fatal hearts and Avon pink dots. I'll be taking it off right away but just trying it out :)

Friday, February 1, 2013

Wizard of Oz Dorothy Nails - Orly Quo paint the town red and Sinful Colors Cinderella! Oh my!

I just popped into shoppers drug mart and saw this gorgeous puppy in the clearance section for only $4.99 (original price $10.99). I just couldn't believe it, Orly Paint the Town Red. A little google on it shows it was in a Canadian only released collection of glitters.  I am completely entranced by this polish, the combo of large circle glitters and small glitters just catches my eye and I can't look away. It makes me think of Dorothy's ruby slippers from the wizard of oz. It is super sparkly and I can picture several great manicures with this including the Sparkly red French tips I plan to try sometime.  I decided to go with a bit of a Dorothy theme by starting with a pale blue (sinful colors cinderella, two coats) to mimic her dress.  Then i put one coat of Paint the town red over top and topped it with one coat of seche vite.   I was a tiny bit disapointed in the density of the glitter.  From the look in the bottle I expected it to be very dense and full coverage, but it ended up being more sparse.  It did give a good glitter payout though, enough to only need one coat.  I love the way the nails make me think of Dorothy's dress and shoes.  I am really loving this manicure more and more as I look at it.  Its a great combination.  

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Manicure update

 So it's really nice sometimes to make an older manicure look completely new, without having to start all over. Today was one of those Days for me. I decided to redo my manicure from yesterday and turn it into pink zebra French tips. I used French tip guide stickers to create a French tip at the top and used Q-tips with remover to clear out the polish underneath it. After removing the polish underneath I added a second French tips sticker leaving a very slight gap in between the tip and the bottom. I used Sally Hansen so Celeb City to create a silver paint over the center gap between the two stickers. Once it dried up all the stickers off leaving a nice silver border on the French tip. I topped it with three coats of Seche vite. While this manicure is a little bit time-consuming with removing all the polish underneath the sticker, it is very worth it in my opinion. The photos are taken with and without the flash. Ignore the bottoms of the cuticles on some of the fingers in the flash picture where the little bits of pink are left behind, it was pretty hard by the end to get that little bit out.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pink and black zebra manicure

So this manicure is one of my all time favorites so far.  I started off with one coat of Revlon Tulip.  I like this polish, the fomula is decent and not too thin or thick.  One coat makes it opaque.  Opaque enough if you plan to put something over it, like stamping, at least.  Its not streaky or anything even after one coat.  Then i took some Sally Hansen Black Out and used Konad plate M57 to stamp a full nail zebra print.  This polish works wonderfully for stamping.  It was crisp and clear and the full image transfered easily onto the stamper, and then onto the nail.   Then i put a thin layer of OPI I Juggle... Men.  I haven't really used this polish before, but I really like it.  It a transparent polish with a blue/purple holo sparkle.  It really gives this manicure that little bit extra. I finished it off with Seche Vite.